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Women's Shelter

  • Multi-purpose room with attached Kitchen and Restrooms 
  • Food Pantry
  • Laundry Room
  • Small Meeting Space
  • Bedrooms for 2 groups of Women and Children, each with a private bathroom
Sample Bedroom
The shelter is available to fill an immediate need by providing a safe place for the women and children. It is a seven day refuge from the storm which allows the women a chance to find a more stable living condition. There are no faith requirements for use of the shelter, and services will be provided to the community without any requirements of attending any faith related events. 
We drug test and breathalyze those requesting to get into the shelter and we reserve the right to refuse service for the sake of maintaining a safe environment.
Because we are a temporary seven day shelter, our goal is to connect those in need with a more permanent solution to their housing needs.
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