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The Omega Project Process

At Omega, we have found that even when a person wants to get better, many of the negative influences and triggers from their past can often take them down again.   We believe that for a person to overcome some of the deeper struggles of addiction and dysfunction, they will need to draw strength from God and from healthy people on the outside.  They also will need to limit contact with old influences, at least for a time as they begin to lay the foundation for healthy, addiction free lifestyle.


Most people trust their own instincts, which simply leads them right back to the same behavioral patterns.  Our process starts with accountability in 3 fundamental areas: Time, Relationships, and Finances.  We aim for accountability to be a first step toward trust.  

The accountability starts with communication with leaders, who continually ask, “Is a particular activity safe?”  And “Is it smart?”  If those in the program see that we have their best interests at heart, it makes it easier for them to take the next step which is trust.

Trust means that participants voluntarily open up about their life and voluntarily submit what they are thinking and feeling to others.  Because we all have blind spots, this step of seeking and receiving input from others is vital. Trust means that residents are now drawing strength from healthy sources which in turn means that their chances of getting better are improving.

Participants in The Omega Project enter on a probationary status. They are held  highly accountable in day to day activities. We require that all residents who are unemployed be responsible for donating their time in service to the community. If employment is a possible step for the resident, we ask that the resident seek employment that allows them to attend as many of the classes as possible. Our Omega Work Force Coordinator can help provide some work opportunities that can allow the residents to learn work skills and ethics, and can also provide some much needed money for basic items.  

We ask residents to plan on 18 months in the program and if possible, that they continue to attend groups for 6 months after moving out of The Omega Project houses. The longer the residents stay immersed in a healthy culture, the more likely they get what they need to live an ongoing, long-term healthy life.  Our program is not meant to “fix” people, but to teach a lifestyle meant to be lived and enjoyed!

Meet The Team

David A. Case, Author, Director Omega Project and Live Free Ministries

David A. Case

David A. Case, the founder of Live Free Ministries and The Omega Project. Program Director, Blogger, Author, and former Pastor of Crossroads Assembly of God Church in McPherson, KS for over 25 years


Levi Stewart

Levi Stewart, Assistant Director, Work Force Coordinator House Leader, Program Leader, Class Teacher, Frequent Hugger.


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, Transportation Officer, Budget Accountability and Interview Processor for Live Free Ministries and The Omega Project

Adam Mason_edited.jpg

Adam Mason

Adam Mason, Business Manager for Live Free Ministries and The Omega Project, Class Teacher, Omega Work Force Financial Administrator


Matthew Lockard

Matthew Lockard, Multimedia Editor for Live Free Ministries and The Omega Project and Budget Manager Extraordinaire

Smiling lady

Regina Lutgen

Regina Lutgen, Office Administrator, Financial Secretary, and Official Coinsure of the Office for Live Free Ministries and The Omega Project

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