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At Omega, we have found that even when a person wants to get better, many of the negative influences and triggers from their past can often take them down again. We believe that for a person to overcome some of the deeper struggles of addiction and dysfunction, they will need to draw strength from God and from healthy people on the outside. They will also need to limit contact with old influences, at least for a time, as they begin to lay the foundation for a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.

Participants in the Omega Project enter on probationary status. They are held highly accountable for their day-to-day activities. We require that all residents who are unemployed be responsible for donating their time in service to the community. When employment becomes advisable, we ask that the resident seek employment that allows them to attend recovery groups and classes. Omega Workforce helps provide work opportunities that allow residents to earn money, learn work skills, and build a resume while focusing on recovery.

We ask residents to plan on 18 months in the program and, if possible, to continue to attend groups for 6 months after moving out of The Omega Project houses. The longer the residents stay immersed in a healthy culture, the more likely they are to get what they need to live an ongoing, long-term healthy life. Our program is not meant to "fix" people, but to teach a lifestyle meant to be lived and enjoyed!


David A. Case, Author, Director Omega Project and Live Free Ministries

David A. Case

David A. Case, the founder of Live Free Ministries and The Omega Project. Program Director, Blogger, Author, and former Pastor of Crossroads Assembly of God Church in McPherson, KS for over 25 years.

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Levi Stewart Omega Project Assistant Director Coordinator Omega Workforce Moving Company and Home Remodeling Repair Handyman Service McPherson Kansas

Levi Stewart

Levi Stewart is Assistant Director of the Omega Project. He serves our program and residents as a house leader, class facilitator, recovery mentor and more.  In his capacity as Omega Workforce Coordinator, he guides and supports our teams and supervisors. He is a prayer warrior, a frequent hugger, and a true blessing to us all. 

Jeremy Smith Recovery Support Omega Project Christian Faith Based Drug Treatment Sober Living Omega Project Kansas

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is our Volunteer Coordinator and so much more. He coordinates interviews and intakes and helps secure transportation and resources for new residents. He also serves within Omega Workforce as Lawn Care Supervisor. For all of us, he is a tremendous support in recovery and faithful friend. 

Matthew Lockard

Matthew Lockard

Matthew Lockard is Multimedia Producer and Editor for Live Free MinistriesHeart Change U, and The Omega Project. He serves our program and residents as a financial mentor and Budget Manager Extraordinaire. His remarkable capacity for random knowledge and his willingness to share his many talents in a uniquely straightforward, practical way are treasures to our program and lives.

Heather Watson Live Free Ministries Omega Project HeartChangeU

Heather Watson

Heather Watson serves our ministry as Communication and Outreach Coordinator. She helps develop content for Live Free events and curricula for the Omega Project and Heart Change U. Whether you need a humorous analogy, a scripture reference, or a walking thesaurus, she's our go-to Word Nerd.  

Adam Mason Business Manager Live Free Ministries Omega Project Kansas Omega Workforce McPherson

Adam Mason

Adam Mason serves as Business Manager for Live Free Ministries, The Omega Project, and Financial Administrator for Omega Workforce. He helps support our program and residents as a class teacher, house leader, friendly face, and compassionate ear. He also happens to be the reigning King of Dad Jokes.

Smiling lady

Regina Lutgen

Regina Lutgen is the smiling face and friendly voice for all visitors and callers to our administrative offices. She serves as Office Manager, Financial Secretary, and Official Bright Light of the Office for Live Free Ministries, Omega Workforce, and The Omega Project.

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