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Slower is Faster! - time takes time in a recovery program

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

tortoise and the hare finish the race keep the faith
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. - 2 Timothy 4:7

The Omega Project has been gradually transitioning from sober-living halfway houses to a fully structured recovery program, focusing on long-term sobriety and healing families. The sober living model has been effective for some just by providing a roof over their heads and helping people get back on their feet in the workplace.

Historically, though, we've seen many people drop out during the first few months. This often leads to still-worse relapse, indicating that physical sobriety is only the beginning toward lasting change. The Omega Project's new phased approach emphasizes the need for a total overhaul in thinking and lifestyle and breaks it down into practical steps. During Phase I, people commit fully to their recovery, putting their total focus on healing and developing new patterns for life.

The women's program is the strongest ever, reaching 20 residents for the first time. Women face unique challenges in recovery, and our new classes walk through the healing process more effectively than in the past. This means time away from children and family and minimal to no work during the first few weeks. For some, that request has been difficult to say "yes" to, but we are seeing remarkable results! We are witnessing individuals with deep dysfunction overcome pain and achieve health for the first time in their lives. The women are embracing the new emphasis on healing and are responding well to being given a chance to breathe and be "under covering" before being pressed back out into the work world.

Recovery is not easy, but "all things work by spiritual authority." Your contributions towards program fee assistance make this transformation possible. Consider and pray about becoming a recurring donor, as your donations help save lives and restore families to wholeness in Christ.

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