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Do you want to be Made Whole? When wounds strike our deepest spiritual parts, their pain can last for decades. Even though the pain and the event is stuffed to a subconscious hiding place, the impact continues to radiate. How do we heal what we cannot even see? The Made Whole Retreat will help you see what is driving the choices you make. You will get a better understanding of spirit and spiritual forces at work within you. The retreat will also show you how to cooperate with the way God to overcome the pain. Made Whole. Become who God designed you to be!


Friday, March 13th - Sunday, March 15th


Cross Wind Conference Center

8036 N Hoover Rd, Hesston, KS 67062



Fri. 6:00 pm  DINNER

Fri. 7:00 pm  SESSION 1

Sat. 8:00 am  BREAKFAST

Sat. 9:00 am  SESSION 2

Sat. 11:00 am  SESSION 3

Sat. Noon  LUNCH

Sat. 2:00 pm  SESSION 4

Sat. 3:00 pm  BREAK

Sat. 5:00 pm  DINNER

Sat. 6:30 pm  SESSION 5

Sun. 8:00 am  BREAKFAST

Sun. 9:00 am  SESSION 6


Rooms and Fees

Meals and materials included

Dormitory style shared room per person $100

Private Motel Style Room, one person $180

Private Motel Style Room, two people $140 per person

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